The BGWIB has two committees, that meet regularly in addition to the Executive Committee. 

If you are a community member with expertise in an area covered by one of these committees and would like to participate, please contact us. 


(TASKFORCE) The Youth Taskforce will assist the Board with the development of those portions of the local plan that deal with youth, make recommendations regarding grants or contracts to carry out youth activities, provide general oversight for youth activities, and provide such other services that may be required by WIOA and its implementing regulations. As with any BGWIB task force, the group will only convene when a specific need is established by the board.  If the project is determined to be long term, then a full standing committee may be formed. 

Staff Contact:
Tiffanie Reeves, Youth Services Manager
Chair: Lisa Farmer
Members:  Jon Dougherty, Steven Tressler


Meeting Minutes

Meeting Audio

Please note that minutes are not posted until they are approved by the board or committee.  Audio from the meetings will be available sooner.