Advanced Green Components:
Forging a Future with the Citizens of Clark County

Advanced Green Components (AGC) began as a joint venture between Showa Sako and Sanyo Companies in 2013, but the company and many of its people extend much further back. They have deep roots in Clark County and a solid history of investing in the people there. When they began their $15 million joint venture, they purchased new equipment and a new building, but they also needed to expand their workforce from around 80 to over 100. Fast forward three years, and they are 101 people strong in their Winchester facility.
The increase in their workforce didn’t happen overnight. It has been an ongoing struggle to secure a qualified workforce. They reached out to the Kentucky Career Center – Bluegrass with this need, and Business Services Specialist Rolando “Roly” Thacker stepped up to the challenge. Sitting down with Velma Hall and Dolly Holland at AGC, they immediately began to talk business with their Kentucky Career Center contact, mentioning their open positions and needs they’re expecting to have in the near future. The genuine partnership was obvious, as they easily chatted between HR matters and football scores. Roly was like an extension of their own HR Department.
“We’re still hiring,” said Velva. Without skipping a beat, Roly quickly jotted down the information, telling her he had someone he could send over that he thought would fit her need. It was a smooth conversation which flowed right back to Velva explaining that AGC has utilized the Kentucky Career Center team to fill positions of CNC Operator, Reduction Gear Operator, Material Handlers, and Quality Inspectors. “There are people working here at all levels that started out in the career center,” Velva added. Without counting, she estimated that approximately 25 of their 101 employees started with an OJT. A real benefit, Velva pointed out, is that working with the Kentucky Career Center has broadened their applicant pool and given them more access to hire veterans, who receive a preference in their hiring process.
Velva said of working with Roly and the staff of the Kentucky Career Center, “AGC has been very happy with the service from the Kentucky Career Center, both with the quality and quantity of the referrals we have received, as well as the level of professional staff we work with, and we expect that to continue.”
AGC has invested in the people of Clark County and, with the help of the Kentucky Career Center – Bluegrass and the Business Services Team at the Winchester office, they will keep that investment growing for many more years.


John Mayfield – Changes

If you had asked John Mayfield a few years ago where he pictured himself today, you would have gotten a very different vision from the reality of his life in 2016. Just two short years ago, John was working as an assistant therapist for mentally and emotionally challenged youth. He had worked at that job for 14.5 years and loved it. He loved the company, his co-workers, and his clients, but due to a change in regulations, the business restructured and he lost his position. Remaining opportunities available with his company after the forced restructuring simply didn’t pay enough to support his family – his wife and three children.

With a family to support, John entered a scary time in his life. He had three small children, a wife, and no job. He started his job search for another position in therapy but lacked the credentials to find employment that would meet his previous income level. John spent several months looking for work but found nothing.

His wife eventually suggested pursuing a career as a truck driver. John never pictured himself as a truck driver and never thought he would enjoy it, but it would pay the bills. It was a high demand field, so he would have employment opportunities; the training was short; and it paid well enough to take care of his family. After six months of being unemployed, John decided to look for assistance through the Kentucky Career Center – Bluegrass. He visited the Georgetown location and met with Tiffanie Reeves, “KCCGO!” Workforce Specialist, to discuss his training options. John, luckily, qualified for short-term training through Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act’s KCCGO!’s Dislocated Worker program.
Tiffanie worked closely with John, assisting him in getting enrolled in Dr. Bodine’s Truck Driving Academy. Training to enter his new career, thanks to WIOA, cost John and his family absolutely nothing out-of-pocket. In just a couple of months, he had successfully acquired his Commercial Driver’s License and was employed with US Express.

For more than seven months, John had been driving for US Express, delivering merchandise to Dollar General Stores all over the east coast. Though the job kept him gone overnight a few nights a week, he really enjoyed traveling, and the income was great. He quickly began earning more than he was making in his previous job.
When I contacted John for this interview he was in the middle of another change. John had decided to accept a new truck driving job. This new position as a team driver will provide even more income, more than $1,200 a week - significantly more than his career prior to the training. John is excited to be entering this stage in his life and is very thankful for the help provided by the WIOA program, which allowed him to begin a successful career and continue to care for his family.

Regional Career Fair - “Connecting Employers with Employees”

Leggett & Platt:  Knowing the Value of Investment in Clark County  

Leggett & Platt may not be a name you hear very often, but you are most certainly familiar with their product. Chances are, at least part of the bed you sleep in or chair you sit in started out in a Leggett & Platt facility. Being in business for over 130 years, they understand the value of the communities they touch. They also understand the importance of working within those communities to raise the quality of their workforce through partnerships with schools, other businesses, and local organizations like the Kentucky Career Center – Bluegrass.
Stephen Day, Human Resource Manager at Leggett & Platt, spoke about his company’s relationship with the career center and their community involvement, saying “We have used the career center for more than just On-the-Job Training (OJT); they have helped us with job fairs, application screening, and when other businesses go out of business, we will go out with the career center and see if there are people who are getting laid-off that would be a good fit for us, and we hire them. We also help those that are uniquely challenged when it comes to their employability in the workforce.”
A real family-oriented company, they believe in hiring locally and promoting from within. This belief in investing in their own staff is part of what makes Leggett & Platt a real success. While I was there, I had the opportunity to speak to some of their staff, and one young man stood out in particular. This young man was hired on through an OJT and, according to Day, is one of their hardest workers.  What makes this young man so unique is that no one 
else would give him a chance. He had been looking for work for a long time and because he was terminally shy and required a little

extra time to learn new things, it prevented him from employment with other businesses.  Leggett & Platt took a chance on this man, and they are very happy they did.

Leggett & Platt’s partnership with the career center and the people of Clark County doesn’t end there. They are also part of a pilot program with George Rogers Clark High School, working with sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are not interested in attending college and would like to enter the workforce directly after graduation. The company offers these youth up to 30 hours a week of employment, providing them with regular evaluations on their progress to build their professional profile. When they have completed their training, staff from the career center step in and assist them in turning that real life experience into an eye-catching resume—all before they graduate high school.

When a company, like Leggett & Platt, invests in its community and partners with the Kentucky Career Center – Bluegrass to utilize its services in promoting that investment, it’s a win for everyone involved.  Services like application screening, job fairs, and on-the-job training all exist for a primary goal, to ensure that the company and the job seeker find and benefit each other. If you would like to know more about the employer services available through the Kentucky Career Center – Bluegrass, please visit and click the “employer” link on the bottom right side of the page or visit a Kentucky Career Center location near you. 

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