Questions and Answers:

RFP: 02-0417 Board Training:

  1. ​​Question: Can proposals be submitted via email or do they need to be sent hard copy? ​
    • Answer:   Yes, proposals for Board and LEO Training can be submitted via email. A hard copy is not required for this RFP. Email submissions should be sent to [email protected] with a cc to [email protected]  
  2. If hard copy is required, what address shall be used for sending? 
    • Answer: N/A
  3. What is the not-to-exceed budget for the trainings?​
    • Answer:   A budget limit for this RFP has not been set.  As a competitively bid RFP, the committee reviewing these proposals will be looking for seasoned trainers who have a cost scale in place for their services. The proposer’s budget submission should reflect reasonable charges for areas outlined in Section 3.4 of the RFP.