Bluegrass Local Workforce Plan
The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) requires each workforce development board (WDB) to develop and submit, in partnership with the local chief elected official, a comprehensive four-year plan to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

The Local Plan reflects the current and future strategies and efficiencies that the Workforce Development Board of the Bluegrass Area and other local areas will use to address the continuing modernization of the workforce system and creation of a customer-centered system: where the needs of employers and jobseekers drive workforce solutions; where One-Stop Career Centers provide excellent customer service to all jobseekers and businesses; and where the workforce system supports strong regional economies, as well as alignment with updated State and local priorities.
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Central Kentucky Regional Workforce Plan
The Bluegrass, KentuckianaWorks, Lincoln Trail, and Northern Kentucky Workforce Areas collaborated to create the Central Kentucky WIOA Regional Plan (Regional Plan). The plan outlines the vision, goals and strategies for the 40 county’s WIOA programs, which are operated through a network of Kentucky Career Center and the America’s Job Centers of Kentucky. “This landmark Regional Plans unites diverse public and private partners throughout the Central Kentucky around a shared approach to develop a skilled and competitive workforce that meets the needs of businesses and employers,” said Mable Duke, Director of Workforce Services for the Bluegrass Local Workforce Area. The Regional Plan outlines a shared vision for four Workforce Development Boards, community colleges, adult schools, economic development organizations, labor organizations, nonprofits and other workforce partners located throughout Central Kentucky.
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