Jon Dougherty is the Education and License Manager for Amteck, one of the nation’s leading electrical contractors. Jon brings decades of experience in on-the-job and internship training from the employer’s perspective to the Board. Jon also provides expertise in Project Management, Project Scheduling, and Training. He is a certified licensed educator for electricians in Kentucky and Ohio, and a nationally certified electrical inspector. Jon Dougherty is a licensed Electrical Contractor and / or Master Electrician in more than 40 states, cities, counties, or providences including the U.S. Virgin Islands. Jon also has experience working with Workforce Boards in multiple states on the local and state level.  

​Jon joined the board in October of 2016 and is currently the chair of the One-Stop Committee, which provides oversight,  information, and assistance with operational issues relating to the one-stop delivery system in the local area and provide such other services that may be required by WIOA and its implementing regulations.

Jon Dougherty
BGWIB Member
One-Stop Committee Chairperson