The BGWIB has six committees, that meet on an as needed basis in addition to the Executive Committee. 

If you are a community member with expertise in an area covered by one of these committees and would like to participate, please contact us. 

Strategic Planning

(ACTIVE COMMITTEE) The Executive Committee will establish a standing Strategic Planning Committee which shall review the evolving staff needs of the Board, evaluate all Board staff, recommend to the Board when independent contractors should be engaged, and recommend to the Board when additional training and education for staff may be appropriate or necessary. The Board Chairperson shall appoint the Chairperson of this committee.
Chair: Tracy Pratt-Savage
Members:  Lisa Farmer, Brian Leary
​Steve Sigg, Jon Dougherty, Todd Jones
Malcolm Ratchford (Non-board Member)
Staff Contact:
Staci L. May, Marketing and Communications Specialist


Meeting Minutes

Meeting Audio

Please note that minutes are not posted until they are approved by the board or committee.  Audio from the meetings will be available sooner.